Cleaning roller shutters is easy let me explain:

In Australia we live in some very harsh conditions, some areas harsher than others. Cleaning roller shutters is necessary to get the maximum life and performance from them and I recommend at least 2 or 3 times a year. Here I will explain how to properly clean roller shutters.

First raise the shutter until it is fully open, when that is done get a soft brush and gently sweep out any grime or dirt in the guides and making sure not to damage the guides. Doing this will help the shutters open and close more freely.

Now the next step is to make sure the shutter is fully closed and then lifting the shutter until all the slats have parted, once this has been done then get a soft brush and gently brush away any dirt and dust that has settled there.

When that part has been completed then close the shutter completely, go grab soft cloth or sponge, a bucket and fill it with warm water and add a mild detergent (maybe some dish washing detergent?) right let’s go outside and clean the roller shutters. Grab the hose and making sure the shutters are fully closed give them a good wash with clean water getting all the surface dust off, don’t get too much water on the pelmet box (wash and rinse that by hand)

With your soapy sponge wash the shutters in an up and down motion to get them clean, once your happy with the result grab the hose again and wash them off. Get a soft cloth and using the same up and down motion dry them off. Leave them to fully dry out before operating and your ready to go until the next time you have to clean your roller shutters.